No. This is not the cast of performers from the 'Pirates of Penance' contingent of policemen!   It is a group of sporty "Bermuda Bobbies"  complete with their bobby helmets, and there is no prize for guessing which sport they play, but can you tell us who is in the photo,  and where and when was it taken, If you could also provide the results of this sporty tour that would be an added bonus!

We have added two blow-ups of the photo for those who don't still have 20/20 vision!





#8 Davie Kerr 2020-09-22 16:02
I've also just remembered us, dressed in our tour kit of plastic bobby helmets, blazers, white shirts and Bermuda shorts, managing to hold up traffic outside San Francisco Airport Arrivals with an impromptu game of cricket!
Bernie and I took a couple of young ladies on a motorcycle trip round San Francisco Bay, and stopped for lunch at a very nice pub/restaurant called The Cat & Fiddle. 18 years later I was there with my late wife Claire and our younger son Andy, and we found the same restaurant and ate there: the staff were quite impressed when I told them that I'd been there 18 years previously and remembered the name!
#7 Davie Kerr 2020-09-22 05:11
I managed to find a place in another nearby suburb called Alameida (I think) which would hire motorcycles, so three of us (Bernie, Paul and I) hired 400cc Hondas on which to scoot around (actually I think Bernie had a 500). Our tracksuit tops were basically black with orange chest and sleeves, and you could see us coming for virtually miles!
I know that the rest of the squad visited one (or maybe more) of the Napa Valley wineries, but I decided to body-swerve that. I used to love getting up early and getting out on the road: there was a range of hills up behind Berkeley (can't remember the name, unfortunately) along the crest of which ran a fairly narrow and very twisty road called Grizzly Peak Boulevard, and the views west over to the Golden Gate Bridge were fab, especially if you were lucky enough to see them on a mist-free morning. I may have some pics somewhere in the archives: if so, I'll try and publish same...

Editors note - Davie, If you would put together your account of this trip, including what you have already written in the comments section, along with some photos, and send them to me by email, I would be more than happy to post them in thisactual "Who, Where and When" article.
#6 Davie Kerr 2020-09-21 15:16
That was the first tour that the Police team as a unit had ever done, and unfortunately we were short of some of our better players, but those who went acquitted themselves nobly. For instance, Wilbert McLean: he'd never played hockey before, but his cousin Jude Perrotte was going, so he asked if he could come too. We said "Come training, help fund-raising, and you're in", so he did, and he was!
Els said "Watch the first game, and I'll put you on in the second game", so Black Mac (to distinguish him from Alex "White Mac" MacDonald) played his first ever game of competitive hockey, on unfamiliar artificial turf, some 4000 miles from his native Grenada, against ----- the US Olympic team! When they found out just how rubbish we were they took two of their best players off, played the rest of the game at walking pace with 9 men, and still beat us 7-0 without breaking sweat! Black Mac came off at half time and said, grinning from ear to ear, "I touched the ball TWICE!"

Editors note - Now that's a story indeed! Please feel free to add any other comments Davie. These sports tours are great for building esprit de corps in any organisation whether it's football, rugby, running, boxing or whatever else the Bermuda Police competed in. Many thanks.
#5 Davie Kerr 2020-09-21 08:42
This was the epic Police Hockey Section tour to San Francisco in Sep 1982, where we got thrashed every game but still ended up winning a plaque as "The Most Sporting Team in the Festival"! The pic was taken at Kleeburger Field in Berkeley, a San Francisco suburb, and the players from L are:-
Mark Norman, Ben Alexander, Randy Leers, Alex MacDonald, Davie Kerr, Jude Perrotte, Gordy Veale, Bernie Pitman, Steve Perinchief, Nigel Parsons and Rod Meredith. Also in the party were our coach (the late Els Paulusma), Steve Wells, Wilbert McLean and Paul Birch.
We played 5 games on artificial turf (which none of us were used to) and were improving every game, as the results were 0-7, 0-7, 0-6, 0-5 and 1-5! Ben Alexander scored our only goal (against Seattle, who had the US women's Olympic team centre-forward playing for them), and all THEIR team lined up to shake his hand on the way back to the centre line! It was an absolute CRACKER of a tour!

Editors note - Brilliant summary Davie. Sounds like a fabulous tour except for the scores, but as you say, you were 'improving' with every game!
#4 George Rose 2020-09-20 10:48
Clearly, the tour event is hockey related and not in Bermuda. The helmets are all fake, likely made out of plastic with a variety of crest badges shown. Otherwise, no idea I'm afraid.

Editors note - Good point George. I wonder if it's against the law to imitate a Bermuda policeman even if you are one! I believe the all had a great time as I'm sure Davie will confirm.
#3 Davie Kerr 2020-09-20 04:37
I can tell you everything you need to know about this pic as I'm in it, but I'll give it a couple of days yet to let others contribute!

Editors note - The perfect response Davie. I know we can reply on you to provide us with details
#2 Dave O Meara 2020-09-19 12:54
Last on the right, Rod Meredith, teacher.
#1 Don Urquhart 2020-09-19 00:21
Where and when, I can’t assist but I will have a go at some of the names, from the left - Mark Norman, Ben Alexander, ?, Alex MacDonald, Davie Kerr, Jude Perotte, ?, Bernie Pitman, ?, ?, Roddy Barclay, maybe.

Editors note - Good start Don. Hoping that someone who took part in this tour can share their recollections.

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