#4 Paul T Cranage 2020-05-20 13:12
2 % pensions were ended I believe in the late 60’s, but certainly before 1972. I tried and tried to get it reinstated but was unsuccessful.

Editors note - I happen to be officially the last of the 2%ers. I joined on 29th May 1964, but left the Force in 12th December 1972 then re-joined on 1st June 1973. When I joined in 1964 we were all on 2% pensions but it was reduced to 1 1/2% in November 1964. When I re-joined I asked to remain on 2% because after subtracting the 6 months I spent off the job I just squeezed within the date deadline and was able to re-claim the 2%.
#3 Phil Taylor 2020-05-06 16:31
It was Comrade Charlie Mooney who was the clue. Would this have been when Barrie Meade, as the leader of the Prospect Communist Party, gave away the 2% Pension in favour of 1.5%. I would then say it had to have been '78 ish. Plus the other clue is Cranker, he looks very similar to the photo in his biography, which was from Feb '75.

Editors note - Not sure about the Association negotiating team being "communistic", but I was on the team when Barrie was first made chairman and one of our first negotiation meetings was with a most unpleasant new guy representing Government who treated us with total disrespect during our first meeting with him. At the second meeting we had a agreed beforehand that if he continued to treat us with disdain Barrie would give the signal and we would all walkout. The Government negotiator was just as obnoxious at this second meteting, and he was stunned when we all stood up and walked out. He treated us with much more respect the next time we met, but to be honest we had no power to take industrial action of any kind and at the end of the day Government called the shots. I do happen to be literally the last of the 2%ers!
#2 Davie Kerr 2020-05-06 12:14
No idea of the occasion (possibly new promotions?), but the ID's are:-
Back from L:- Carlton "Socky" Adams, Dennis Ramsay, Paul Cranage, Kevin Hamilton, and I think Steve Dean (although I don't remember him ever having been promoted, so it may not be a "new promotions" group).
Front from L:- Charlie Mooney, John Harvey, Barrie Meade, Reg "Buster" Brown.

Editors note - Spot on the the ID's Davie. You're back on form! Phil Taylor figured out which team it is.
#1 Phil Taylor 2020-05-06 07:04
Back L - R, Socky Adams, Denis Ramsay, Paul Cranage, Kevin Hamilton, Steve Dean. Front L - R: Charlie Mooney, John Harvey, Barrie Meade, Reginald Buster Brown. Could this be something to do with the Police Association and is this their negotiation team?

Editors note - 'Bingo' on all counts Phill. All correct on all the names, and yes, it was the Police Association's Negotiating Team. Just need an approximate date.

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