It didn't take 24 hours for us to have all the answers as to the names of these seven superfit looking young men, who were, of course, the Outward Bound instructors team during the highly popular series of local OB courses held on Paget Island during the summer of  1991.  Sean Morris had every reason to remember who they all are because he was one of them that year.

I found  the photo in my personal photo album and can confirm that it was dated 1991. Next to it was the photo below of me doing the high ropes course that same afternoon.  I was OIC "F" Department at that time and went over to the Island for a routine visit.  I had no intention of even trying the high ropes course but my daughter, Joanna,  had just completed the course and this bunch bullied me into not being humiliated by a 15 year old girl!  

I have to wonder how many hundreds of young Bermudians went through the Police Outward Bound programme, either locally or abroad, and accomplished things they never dreamt they were capable of doing.  Of all the public relations activities undertaking by the Bermuda Police,  Outward Bound has to be at the very top of the list, thanks to the great efforts of Tony Diggins and Lynn Hall who started the programme, and to Bernie Pitman and the outstanding contribution made by Mark Norman for many years.

Bermuda Police Outward Bound Instructors - 1991 
Back Row (l-r) -  Paul Towlson, Pete Thompson, Calum Welsh, Mike Desilva. 
Front Row -  Paul Hitchens, Steve Palmer and Sean Morris
Inspector Roger Sherratt  (OIC "F" Department) -
not to be outdone by his teenage daughter Joanna -
reluctantly tackles the high ropes course at Paget Island

 9th May 2020

Shortly after posting these photos we heard from Sean Morris who was one of the Outward Bound instructors on this course and Sean kindly sent us the following two photos from the same course.  As you can see, Sean looks fit and well, but he wasn't so sure about Calum Welsh who he pointed out is exhibiting a Scottish tan!

Young Sean Morris

Calum Welsh sporting his Scottish tan!


#6 Davie Kerr 2020-06-09 16:26
Re Calum Welsh and his "Scottish tan": because we get so much rain in Scotland, Scottish tan is known here as rust!
#5 Davie Kerr 2020-05-04 18:36
In my defence, I should point out that I did put ? before and after Robin's name because I wasn't sure it was him! However, I stand (or rather sit) corrected.

Editors note - As a well known member of "B" Watch was often quoted as saying, "Oh my Sarge. It's not often I make a mistake!" The only difference is that, not like Davie, he often made mistakes!!
#4 Sean Morris 2020-05-04 18:26
Yes it was shocking that Davie Kerr would make such an error. Feel free to add me. I will be celebrating 32 years with the BPS on August 1, 2020.

Editors note - Indeed a rare occurrence. It must be the lock-down in Scotland!
#3 Sean Morris 2020-05-04 14:58
Back Row L-R: Paul Towlson, Pete Thompson, Calum Welsh, Mike Desilva. Front Row L-R: Paul Hitchens, Steve Palmer and Sean Morris (really Davie Kerr - Robin Sherwood??) Paget Outward Bound probably 1991 or 1992.

Editors note - Many thanks for writing Sean. I have no idea where you are these days but know you sometimes post on Old Bermuda; Our History, Our Island - a great website. If it's okay with you I will add you to our List of Colleagues List. It's not very often Davie Kerr makes a mistake and he provides us with an abundance of information, but on this occasion I knew it wasn't Robin because you are much to "skinny", or should I say fit!
#2 Davie Kerr 2020-05-04 05:59
Could the redhead in the shades be Calum Welsh? If it is, Mike DeSilva must be standing on a step!
#1 Davie Kerr 2020-05-03 18:57
Back from L:- Paul Towlson, Pete Thompson, ?, Mike DeSilva.
Front from L:- ?, Steve Palmer, ? Robin Sherwood ?.
Looks like a gathering of Outward Bound instructors...

Editiors note - I found this photo in my private collection and it definitely a group of Outward Bound instructors.

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