No prize for guessing what sport these gentlemen used to play, but can you tell us the name of the team. who are all the players and officials, when was this photo taken, and what was the reason for taking it?  One final question for interests sake.  Is there anyone in the photo still playing the great game?

Photo 1 
Blow-up 1
Blow-up 2


#13 Ernie McCreight 2020-04-09 20:36
John Freeman, who did not travel with us was killed on a single vehicle cycle accident when he lost control on St. Johns road and his motor bike ended up quite dramatically upside down inside a telephone booth.
#12 Davie Kerr 2017-07-12 06:07
As far as I know, Chris runs the little art store/print shop on Burnaby Hill next to the Hog Penny.
#11 Davie Kerr 2017-07-03 18:22
I don't think Chris Mitchell has died unless it's very recent, as my son met him less than 3 months ago!

Editors note - sounds like we can put to rest the rumor that Chris may have been involve in a fatal accident. Would love to here where Chris is these days. If you can provide h is contact details we will write and ask Chris to update us on his whereabouts.
#10 Paul Deans 2017-06-29 11:34
Hi to all, unfortunately I can't recall all the names but I am sure Ian Morrison has named them all. This was taken about 1976 or 1977 when the team visited either Florida or Canada to play a few games and have a good time. I also have the picture of us getting on board the plane and I will fish it out and try and publish it.
Not sure which Terry is enquiring about me, could be Terry Warrilow, I am still alive and kicking (not a football anymore) and living in Northamptonshir e. Retired some 11 yrs ago and now doing a spot of painting and decorating as a part time occupation, keeps me out of mischief!
Great times and a great bunch of lads, don't hear from many of them although Phil Taylor did meet up with some friends of ours recently. Frank Wood and a group of the 1973 intake met up in York in 2013 to celebrate 40 yrs once going to Bda and I do keep in contact with Gerry Benson, Peter Swann, Ian Graham, Bob Kinnon, Bob Mitchell and Stuart Donaldson. Paul Deans 441

Editors iote - Many thanks for getting in touch Paul. And chance you could send us a fairly recent photo of yourself, perhaps with family, for our Keeping in Touch column?
#9 John Latoszek 2017-06-20 02:11
To the soccer boys Iains and Ian, if I recall correctly we unfortunately only played one game out of a proposed scheduled three game tour.
#8 Terry 2017-06-16 18:21
I knew you would get it all right and chime in Ian.
Take care.
#7 Iain Morrison 2017-06-16 18:08
Hi Roger,

Thanks for the photo.

I believe I can name all of the players in the photo, taken in the PRC Hall. They are as follows:-

Back Row (L to R) Iain Morrison, Gerry Lyons, Alan Cleave, John Harper, Frank Wood, Eric Robinson, Chris Mitchell, Dave Walker
3rd Row (L to R) John Latoszek, Neil Morgan, Les Pearson, Jack Richards (sadly deceased), Arthur Bean, Paul Deans, Eddie Davies
2nd Row (L to R) Matt Taylor, Mike Rickards, Any Hall (sadly deceased), Dave Parsons, Terry Warrilow, Ernie McCreight, Pete McNulty
Front Row (L to R) John Freeman, George Readings, Ralph Lindo, John Walsh, Harry Messham, Freddie "Adrian" Robson, Ian Kittle

I have this photo but it is unfortunately in Scotland and I am in Bermuda. I am sure it probably details the year and the occasion. Without it, I am unable to recall that information exactly.......b ut would have been mid 70's. Good times with good people!!!!!! Miss those days.

Iain Morrison

Editors note - Spot on Iain. Perhaps a few of those who went away on the football tour could write to me by email and provide some insight about the tour. Where did you stay? how many games? was it a success?
#6 Ian Kittle 2017-06-16 15:40
Easy one when you have the original photo infront of you. A special one which triggers many good memories.

This was the Police Soccer Section 1975-1976. It was taken at the HQ PRC.
Back Row, from left to right - Ian Morrison, Gerry Lyons, Alan Cleave, J. Harper, Frank Wood, Eric ROBINSON, Chris Mitchell, Dave Walker.

Second Row down - J. Latoszek, N. Morgan, Les Pearson, Jack Richards (Coach), Arthur Bean, Paul Deans, Eric Davis.

Third Row down - Matt Taylor, Mike Rickards, A. Hall (Manger), Dave Parsons ( Chairman), T. Warrilow (Secretary), Ernie McCreight, Peter McNulty.

Front Row bottom - J. Freeman, G. Readings, Ralph Lindo, John Walsh (Captain), Harry Messham, A. Robson, Ian Kittle.

I do not remember our record of games, but we had a lot of fun. The Florida trip springs to mind. Party, party! A great bunch of guys.

Jack Richards passed. Did Chris Mitchell pass in a motor cycle accident?


Editors note - Many thanks Ian for your input. Not sure if you are aware of iut but Andy Hall also passed away a couple of years ago. Can anyone confirm whether or not Chris Mitchell was killed in a road traffic accident?
#5 Terry 2017-06-16 13:32
Great early 70's photo.
Peter McNulty and Les Pearson; two old dear friends.
We all know the rest.
Anyone seen Paul Deans lately?
#4 Philip Taylor 2017-06-16 09:14
Roger, correction to the name of the man on second row down on extreme left. John Latoszek! Just saw the article in Keeping in Touch.

Editors note - Hi Phil, can't find where I made a mistake re the speeling of John's name in the Keeping in Touch article.

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