We recently came into possession of this wedding photograph of a very well known police officer and his Bermudian bride.   We were aware of the names of several of the men and women in the wedding party but even the family were having problem identifying three people in the photo.  

We asked if you tell us who is in the photo, and where and when was it taken?  We realize that you will probably need to be one of our most senior retirees to assist us with this one.

For anyone with even slightly fading eyesight we provided you with two blow-ups to assist you!  

We have now been able to identify two of the men who we were not not sure of,  these being Derek Brashier and Frank Farmer, but we are still having a problem with the identiity of the bridesmaid standing between Derek and Joe Nixon.  If you can assist us please don't hesitate to contact us through the website.  Could someone also please advise us of the date of the wedding?

Wedding of Les Waddell and Joan Campbell
(l-r)  Dr. Donald Campbell,  Derek Brashier, Bridesmaid unknown, Joseph Nixon, 
Les Waddell, Joan Campbell, Dorothy "Dot" Campbell, Arthur Rose and Frank Farmer
Blow-up 1
Blow-up 2


#10 Davie Kerr 2017-05-25 16:36
Re South Road and South Shore Road, I was under the impression that South Road ran west from S Roundabout and South Shore Road ran east from S roundabout, but I'm open to correction.
I do remember dealing with an accident on Rural Hill one day and putting in the location as South Shore Road Paget, only to be corrected by the late "SuperMac" who said "The name of this stretch of road is South Road Paget" so that was me told!

Editors note - Wrong way around Davie. All maps indicate the the whole of South Road from Barnes Corner to Tuckers Town Dock is South Road although the stretch from South Roundabout WEST to Barnes Coner was referred to as South Shore Road.
#9 Terry 2017-04-22 17:09
As for North Shore Road and South Shore Road it all began before many of you arrived.

It was used by locals and some as a direction.

Going north was such as we were all good navigators.
Going South was same.

Middle Road went from Casemates to Flatts but South Shores went to Harrington Sahnd..........

South Road is on the South Shore.

More to come when I get to Slippery Hill........... ...............
#8 mike cherry 2017-04-16 17:24
Some minor things stick in one's mind when major things disappear from memory.
whilst on the subject when did someone in Gummint decide that the name South Shore Road should be shortened to South Road, no longer matching North Shore Road?

Editors note - I sure know what you mean about some things simply disappearing from memory. I'd like to think that our website helps us to safely store our collective memories.

On the issue of South Shore Road and South Road, I just checked the first edition of the Bermuda Islands Guide published in 1983 which you may recall was a joint project with myself and George Rushe and was the first easy-to-read handy guide to Bermuda's Roads based on all the names recorded in Bermuda's Ordnance Survey maps at that time, hundreds of which were totally unknown by the public. I see that in our book we named the whole of South Road from just west of Barnes Corner down to Tucker's Town as "South Road", although the general public often referred to the stretch of road between the Paget traffic lights and Barnes Corner as "South Shore Road". I suspect that the official Ordinance Survey maps have always referred to it as "South Road". Hope that helps!
#7 Terry 2017-04-15 12:42
Well done lads.
But in all honesty the prize must go to Mike even though Davie got it right.
Drumcro is the correct name.

Mike new the answer but spelling can be a beach. And of course Davie is only 99% sure by his own admission.

As for the name?
I heard it from a good 'sauce' when I was a Cadet in 1967 that they ' Drank- (D) rum in CRO.

Now who would believe that.

Happy Easter.

Editors note - Have to give equal credit to Mike and Davie on this one. I prefer Terry's explanation as to the origin of the name, but John Waddell has given us the factual source.
#6 Davie Kerr 2017-04-14 18:36
I believe Les's house was called Drumcro, or something very similar, but I'll pass on the swimming offer!

Editors note - I've checked with Les's son, John Waddell who confirms that it is indeed "Drumcro" which was the name of Les's family home in Ireland. Well done to Mike Cherry and Davie for getting this one right. I pass the house on a regular basis but could not have named it if my life depended on it!
#5 mike cherry 2017-04-14 17:57

but no idea why
#4 Terry 2017-04-13 17:07
Well here is some trivia that is associated with Les.
What was the name of his house on South Shore road Smiths.
First person to guess correctly wins a free day pass to swim in Spittal Pond.......................................

Editors note - Shooks Terry. I should have read this before heading out to fly kites next to Spittal Pond this morning! Had to pass the house twice.
#3 Davie Kerr 2017-04-13 16:45
I'd agree with Joe Nixon and Les Waddell, and I'll take Mike's word for it on Arthur Rose, but the rest are before my time...

Editors note - Correct with all three Davie. It is definitely Arthur Rose.
#2 Terry 2017-04-12 13:08
Now that's an oldie goldie. Got Joe Nixon and "The Whistler".

I wanna say Starbuck wedding; but it could be Les Waddell.

No offence but those ears have me reaching for different 'wave-lengths'.
#1 mike cherry 2017-04-12 09:09
I would say that the happy couple are Mr and Mrs Les "Gunsmoke" Waddell. Second from left Derek Brashier, best man Joe Nixon, and second from right Arthur Rose. No wonder Arthur is looking rather glum as there appears to be four ushers and only one bridesmaid. Location unknown but probably the bride's home.

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