No prizes for telling us that this is a poster for one of the annual "Battle of the Brains" quizzes held at the Police Recreation Club in 1970.  These were very popular events, often taking place in front of capacity audiences in the main hall at the PRC.

We wonder if it's possible to identify everyone featured in the poster. Unfortunately,  it isn't the clearest of photos so we have enlarged the different sections to assist as much as possible.

Can anyone advise when the first Police quiz night was held and who was the first quiz master.  It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who was in charge on this particular evening and who must have assisted him in preparing the questions.

We would also like to know who followed on as quiz master and also went on to do likewise for the annual Brains of Bermuda quizzes.

Sadly, we lost Ron Beech two days ago, and I seem to remember that Ron was an excellent contestant.  Your recollections would be most appreciated.


#12 Mike Caulkett 2017-03-24 09:26
I give in!!
It might be him it might not be him - end of unless Jerry Swales enters the debate.

Editors note - Totally agree.
#11 Davie Kerr 2017-03-20 18:09
Absolutely no disrespect to Mike, but I'm bloody sure it's not Jerry in that pic.

Editors note - Have just returned to Bermuda and had a close look at the original photo of this poster that was sent to me. Although the quality is not excellent it is better than the photos in the article. Just for the record Jerry Swales served in the Beermuda Police from November 1965 - March 1971 so he was definitely serving in the Bermuda Police when this poster was produced. However, on reflection, I'm almost certain that this is not Jerry Swales. I also understand that it is most unlikely we will be able to track him down.
#10 Davie Kerr 2017-03-18 19:02
I reckon Mike Caulkett would be your best bet as he supplied the original info on Jerry, and I seem to recall they co-tenanted Shelly Bay Beach House back in the '60s. I certainly have no idea where Jerry might be now.

Editors note - have checked with Mike Caulkett who has no idea of where Jerry is these days. He also was not sure if it was Jerry in these photos.
#9 Terry 2017-03-18 14:22
Quoting Mike Caulkett:
In top batch of photos: - Gerry Swales sucking his pen under photo of Willie McCracken and Ian Douris also off to the right resting his head on his fist.

I concur .
No one here can name every team of three and their members.

Looks like Jerry to me.
Someone please show me a photo (point to it) where he is part of three teachers.
Not the best photo but hey if you been to Loch Ness you have seen it all.

Editors note - have checked the photos on the website and also don't see a photo where Jerry Swales is in a 3 man team. I think it might be 3 separate indiduals in a row but not necessarily in the same team. The quality of photos on our website are never quite as clear as originals so will more closely examine the original poster when I return to Bermuda next week and let you know the result.
#8 Davie Kerr 2017-03-16 18:17
I agree that the pen-sucker looks like Jerry Swales, but I'm 99.99% sure it's not him, and I'm sure it was a teacher. I don't remember EVERYone who took part in those quizzes (I may be good, but I'm not THAT good!), but I certainly don't remember Jerry ever taking part.
And, if he did, I wonder why he'd be in a team with two civvies anyway instead of an all-Police team?
Anyway, no matter...

Editors note - excellent point Davie. Is it possible to check with Gerry Swales personally? Is anyone in touch with him?
#7 Davie Kerr 2017-03-14 18:50
The first question I ever remember being asked at a Police Quiz was "Who, what, or where is Muckle Flugga?" I happened to know, and said "It's Britain's most northerly lighthouse, on the northern tip of the Shetlands", and people looked at me with "How the bleep did you know THAT?" expressions on their faces!
As I've said before, any question is easy if you happen to know the answer...
#6 Davie Kerr 2017-03-14 18:45
With the greatest respect to my mate Mike Caulkett, that's not Jerry Swales. I don't know his name, but I'm sure he was a teacher.

Editors note - sure looks like Jerry Swales to me!
#5 Mike Caulkett 2017-03-12 14:27
In top batch of photos: - Gerry Swales sucking his pen under photo of Willie McCracken and Ian Douris also off to the right resting his head on his fist.
#4 Davie Kerr 2017-02-28 17:38
I seem to remember that the bloke in the light sweater (top left in the first montage, with the mike apparently sticking out of his head!) was a Royal Gazette reporter named Barry Grindrod, and I THINK the lady bottom left in the same montage was Rita Rudkin, wife of then-PC Barry Rudkin, but I won't swear to it.
Ian Douris was the questionmaster, assisted by Willie McCracken, and I can't help feeling that Cyril Plant was also in there as timekeeper somewhere.
I THINK that these quizzes began around '67-'68 under Crow Rae's stewardship of the PRC, and I think that Grim Jim McNiven was the first quizmaster, succeeded at various times by Baby Douris, Jeff Sanders and George Rushe (probably among others).
I also think that there's still a cup in the PRC trophy cabinet, awarded to the PRC Quiz singles winner, and I think the last name on it is mine, dating back to 1975!

Editors note - Great information Davie. I can't stress enough how popular these quizzes were.
#3 phil taylor 2017-02-27 08:24
I remember Crawford Ray being the Quiz Master, but have no idea as to who preceded him! George Rushe was the Brains of Bermuda Quiz Master at BMDS, which at times was actually broadcast on VSB Radio. I believe that Mike Bishop also had a hand in it at some point!

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