We have just received this copy of a front page photo in the Royal Gazette dated 22nd March 1985, from Dave O'Meara who is the person on the right with sideburns and a moustache.  Dave found the cutting when sorting through items that had belonged to Jan's mother after she had passed away. She made quite a few trips to Bermuda to visit Jan and Dave.

Dave has no recollection of the ship or the incident, and he wonders if anyone else might recall what happened during this narcotics search.  We obviously know the date but we wonder if anyone can also identify all the police officers in the photo.


#8 Maurice Pett 2017-01-14 15:54
Cancel my last, Paul was well gone by '85
#7 Terry 2016-12-20 17:38
Patrick Hamlett with the beard on the right.
The guy behind John ....well can't really get a facial so can't I.D.

Merry Christmas.
#6 Dave OMeara 2016-12-19 08:59
Hola, after Coggies comments contacted Peter Mead ( not Meade) now in SA who confirms it is him in the photo.

Dave O

Editors note - Many thanks for checking and confirming that it is Peter. Could you send me Peter's email address?
#5 Terry 2016-12-15 09:32
Deffinatly not Wilbur. Too tall.

That Peter meade.
#4 Coggie Gibbons 2016-12-14 17:11
Mike Chlebek/Peter Meade?; Norrell Hull; Phil Every; John Williams; Steve Rollin?; Dave O'Meara; Wilbur McLean?

Editors note - You as close as anyone is going to get on this one Coggie, but Dave O'Meara disagrees with your man on the left. You says Mike Chlebek or Peter Meade, but Dave is convinced that it is YOU! I've had a look at this photo on the highest res possible (can't post it on the website in really high res) and I tend to agree with Dave. It sure looks like you and your haircut.
#3 Terry 2016-12-13 14:26
My old trusted friend ( I did introduce him to his wonderful wife at Robertsons Drug Store).................

John points at one of the arrested (not seen).....".Go head.... Quick Sew me".

Corny but something that J.L. would approve of..........
#2 Terry 2016-12-13 11:13
I remember that day.
I was off from work and working on my boat instead of Blue Heron.
#1 Terry 2016-12-12 14:01
This would make a good caption contest (which I have said before about other photo's)

I'll start and I have them all.

Every....................ship has a Hull........

Editors note - Good one Terry. Will have to look through some phiotos to see which might be suited to your suggestion. Many thanks.

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