While writing a recent article on our website I came across this beautiful wedding photo and realized that it was never  published.  It has special significance this week and it seemed appropriate to publish it now as a reminder of the wonderful times this happy couple enjoyed for so many years.
Most of our "younger" members may have a problem identifying anyone in the photo except, perhaps, for the gentleman standing on the extreme right.    Anyone who knows Bermuda well should have little trouble figuring out exactly where the photo was taken, and we hope that some of our "senior" members can assist in identifying this wedding party and work out when it was taken.  With a little research it is possible to establish the exact date!


#8 John McQuaid 2016-10-14 12:56
Just a long shot. is that Jack Rouse standing behind Terry Bawden (2nd and 3rd up?

Editors note - Good try John but neither is correct. This wedding took place in 1958, and both Jack Rouse and Terry Bawden joined the Force in early 1962.
#7 Terry 2016-09-17 12:00
Silly me.
I just re-read the section on the passing of Mr. McCormack and his marriage to Jean.

It's all there.
I was just going on local photo knowledge.

Great weekend to all.

Ps. Off to Cape Cod in a couple of weeks to re-charge on oysters and clams and scallops and what ever else I can up at the beach we stay at..........and it's free.
#6 mike cherry 2016-09-16 17:58
i forgot to mention John Logan and could that be Jack Shaunessy behind the light?

Editors note - It sure looks like John Logan, but I have no idea it that is Jack Shaunessy who is half hidden by the lamp.

I will ask Jean McCormack if she can assist in helping us to identify the wedding party.
#5 Terry 2016-09-16 16:06
Well that is John Joseph Sheehy on the right.

Editors note - I'm sure you are correct Terry. Well spotted. Will try to confirm all their names in a couple of days. Just for the record, I opened the answers from Mike Cherry, Mike Burke and from Terry all at the same time so none of them would have been aware of what the other person had written.
#4 mike cherry 2016-09-16 12:51
The guy behind Bill looks a bit like Tony Saunders, and behind him could be Frank Robinson.

Editors note - Thanks Mike for your input. Both you and Mike Burke are suggesting that the third guy up is Frank Robinson so it's more than likely him. Not sure about Tony Saunders but will try to confirm. I actually received this photo a few months ago from Bill and Jean McCormack, so I will contact Jean in a few days to ask her if she can remember the members of her wedding party. I'm sure she will.
#3 Mike Burke 2016-09-16 11:54
I think the dark haired fellow, third man
up on step is Frank Robinson, goal keeper. ?Maybe John Logan behind him?
Except for John Joe, I don't recognise the other people.

Editors note - Many thanks Mike. Good to hear from you. Not sure about either Frank or John, but yes, it's definitely John Joe Sheehy top right.
#2 Phil Taylor 2016-09-16 07:54
Could it be Bill McCormack's wedding?

Editors note - Spot on Phil. I doubt that most of us will recognise most of the wedding party except for the man on the right at the top of the steps. Anyone who served during the 60's and 70's until the mid 80's will know him very well, especially anyone who worked in CID.
#1 Terry 2016-09-10 16:38
St. Theresa's for sure.
Could that be John Joe........

Editors note - Spot on Terry. It was taken well before our time.

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