There was no prize for guessing that this is a batch of new recruits, but we wanted to know who they are, along with their instructors, and when they arrived in Bermuda.  The photo is also featured in one of our recent articles and if you can locate the article it would help you to fix the date and one of these recruits.  

Davie Kerr, once again, came to the rescue but we have one query about his answer. He gave us all of the correct names, but two of them are inverted compared with the caption that we have kindly been provided with by Dave Cooper.  I have posted the list provide by Dave, although it looks more like a "Davie Kerr list" with all of the Force numbers included!

As you will see,  Davie has listed Peter "Chalky" White where David's list has the name of Mike Ball, and vice versa.  Can anyone confirm which is the correct answer?

Bermuda Police Local Course   July-August 1972
Front Row -  344 John Challis,  355 David St. John,  Sgt 12 Richard "Dick" Murphy,  
Inspector David Parsons, Sgt 30 Patrick McBride, 279 Robert Durman, 270 David Cooper
Middle Row -  349 Michael Richardson,  281 Michael Dewar, 351 Michael Ball,
272 Brian Callaghan, 284 Peter White, 319 John Skinner, 296 Colin Cocker
Back Row -  317 Dale Thornton, 329 John "Stuart" Craig, 396 Douglas Proctor, 309 Phillip Bermingham,
299 Terence Allebone,  313 James Brodie, 297 Peter McNulty


#4 Davie Kerr 2016-01-27 04:36
I still stand by my original ID of Messrs Ball and White, as Mike Ball was a blond and Chalky (in that pic anyway) looked not unlike the late Bloggy, but if Coop thinks otherwise (and he's in the pic himself, so he OUGHT to know!) I'm cool with that.
A few minor corrections in the names list:-
I don't think Dick Murphy was ever anything else than Dick Murphy: no idea where "Michael" came from.
Bob DURMAN rather than Durham.
Jim BRODIE rather than Broadie.

Editors note - Many thanks for the spelling corrections Davie. Also agree with you regarding "Dick" Murphy/ We have only two Murphy's in the alphabetical list I have. The first one is Richard Stanislaus Murphy (and this has to be Dock), and Patrick John Egerton Murphy.

Re the identitiies of Messrs Ball and White, the photo I posted has a caption showing them the opposite way around from your post, but I'm sure you are correct and will confirm it with Dave Cooper.
#3 Davie Kerr 2016-01-21 04:44
OK, I guess your source and I may be arguing this one, but we'll see.....
#2 Davie Kerr 2016-01-20 20:00
Well, I'm pretty sure of everyone except Dale, Doug and Jim, so I reckon it has to be two of these 3, but don't ask me which 2!

Editors note - The two who are wrongly named, according my information, is none of the above! Can anyone else assist?
#1 Davie Kerr 2016-01-20 04:14
It's not the clearest of photos, but I think this is a Localisation Course from 1972 as I see a couple of lads from my old Force, Dundee City*, who I know joined that July.
Back from L:- Dale Thornton, Stuart Craig, Doug Proctor, Phil Bermingham, Terry Allebone, Jim Brodie, Pete McNulty.
Middle from L:- Mick Richardson, Mike Dewar*, Peter "Chalky" White, Brian Callaghan, Mike Ball, John Skinner, Colin Cocker*.
Front from L:- John Challis, Dave St John, Dick Murphy, Dave Parsons, Pat McBride, Bob Durman, Dave Cooper.
Can't guarantee ALL the names in the right order, but I'm pretty sure of most of them, and I got the names of that intake from "Coop's Big List"!

Editors note - Well done Davie - almost! Yes, you got all the names right but you have two names the wrong way around, and they are not stanbding next to each other. Can anyone else assist?

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