When we published this photo of 14 police officers we had no idea what had brought them together,  but the mystery was finally solved by our “memory man” Davie Kerr, who is positive that it is a photo of a Senior Constables Refresher Course, circa 1974.  Davie remembers it because he happened to be on the course but missed being in the photo, probably because of “some sporting event”!  Will try to narrow down the date.


Senior Constables Refresher Course - circa 1974

Back from L-R :- John Van de Weg, Dave Parsons, Barrie Mancell, Erskine Warner, Brian Malpas,

Alan Wilkinson (with hand on chin) , Malcolm Hinds, Davie Gibbons, and George Rushe.

Front from L:- Albert Dowling, Lawrence Rawlins, Howard Dill, John Harvey, and Ronnie Boggan.



#8 Davie Kerr 2016-01-20 04:30
Strange that there's no official record of Wilkie: I think he joined in '63 and left '79, but am open to correction on those dates, and I think he was up West for most of his service.

Editors note - I'm sure your dates are about right Davie. It's quite rare not to be able to find the records of police officers who joined after 1960 but I have no idea why records like those of Wilky would go missing.
#7 Davie Kerr 2016-01-06 05:42
I'm pretty sure that Stuart Innes was the Admin Sgt when Wilkie died, so it may be worth contacting him.
I can't guarantee that this info is correct, but I did hear through the grapevine that Wilkie had left Bermuda, married a widow and inherited a scrapyard in Carlisle as a result. We were on the same watch down town in the late '70s, and Campbell Simons was one of our watch Sgts during that time: he may have some input, if he's still around.

Editors note - many thanks Davie. Will check with Stuart re Wilkie. Campbell is still very much around and I see him occasionally in The Spot which, as you know from your visits, is also still going strong ( some things never change!). I believe Campbell has problems with gout but it doesn't stop him from getting out.
#6 Davie Kerr 2016-01-04 05:28
Sad to think that at least four of that lot (Wilkie, George, Mincey and Ronnie) are no longer with us: all good lads gone far too soon.
I see that both Vanders and John H have Sgts' stripes: possibly a check of their promotion dates might help to narrow down the photo date.....
Wilkie was something else: he'd warm up for the Police mini-marathon by running down to Castle Harbour and back! He wasn't particularly fast, but he was steady. I remember his old grey Triumph (2375, I think) outside Parker Block (or "Rhodesia House", as Mike Heelan used to call it!) back in the '60s.....
Talking of Mike Heelan, any info on him? I suspect he may be deceased by now.....

Editors note - Havn't heard anything about Mike Heelan for years. Davie, do you have any more info on Alan Wilkinson. I vaguely remember hearing that he was no longer with us but have no details/dates etc. What did he do after leaving Bermuda? Can anyone assist?

Have checked the limited records I have and see that John Van de Weg was transferred to "F" Department Training School in January 1976 and was promoted to Sergeant in September the same year, so the photo could not have been taken prior to September 1976. I don;t have a date for John Harvey's promotion but he left the Force in 1978 so the photo had to have been taken between September 76 and 1978.

On the subject of records have have literally no information about when Wilkie joined or left the Force but will check the Police Register next time I visit Police HQ.
#5 Davie Kerr 2016-01-03 11:52
This was a "Senior Constables' Refresher Course, although I can't remember the date: I'd guess 1974-ish.
Back from L:- John Van de Weg, Dave Parsons, Barrie Mancell, Erskine Warner, Brian Malpas, Alan Wilkinson, Malcolm Hinds, Davie Gibbons, George Rushe.
Front from L:- Albert Dowling, Lawrence Rawlins, Howard Dill, John Harvey, Ronnie Boggan.
Missing for some reason:- Me: I suspect I had to dash off for some sporting event or other!

Editors note - Many thanks Davie. Problem solved because I had no idea what brought this group together. Ironic that you were on the same course but not in the photo!
#4 mike cherry 2016-01-03 11:51
top row left looks like John Van de Weg and the officer middle front sitting on the chair is Howard Dill.
Mike C
#3 John Price 2016-01-03 07:23
Top row on the left-John van de Weg?

Editors note - Thanks John. Dave got it with his second try but I couldn't open his message.
#2 Dave O Meara 2016-01-02 13:13
Sorry cant remember if I said the first top row is john Van Weg.

Dave O
#1 Dave O Meara 2016-01-02 13:11
Top row from left Brian Malpas, Dave Parsons, Barrie Mancell, (Erskine) Warner, Unknown, David Gibbons, George Rushe.
Lower - Unknown, 'Mincy' Rawlins. Unknown, Unknown, Mr Boggan. No idea on the date or why.
Dave O

Editors note - Good start Dave. I'm sure we can easily identify all the rest except perhaps the guy standing behind Brian Malpas and is partially hidden from view. Will leave it to others to confirm who it is but I believe that he was reported missing one day while swimming at Admiralty Cove, leaving his clothes on the dock. He eventually turned up hours later having decided to swim over to Dockyard and back. He used to swim the length of Elbow Beach and back on a regular basis. Any takers?

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