It wouldn't take long to realize that one of the men in this photo is not a Bermuda Police Officer! And we knew it would take even less time to recognize who he is, but we wanted to be able to identify everyone in this photo,  where it was taken, and how many of these men and women are no longer with us?  We provided you with a couple of close-ups to  assist in identifying everyone, and thanks to Davie Kerr for successfully identifying everyone except the officer standing between Oliver Bain and Lionel Haynes who is slightly obscured from view.  We believe it is Geoff Piggott.

Davie thought it might have been taken circa 1980 but it was later than that.   President George Bush Snr was elected to the office of President in 1989 and held office until 1993. He made two visits to Bermuda - the first one in 1990 to meet with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the 2nd one a year later to meet with Prime Minister John Major.  We believe  this photo was taken during the first visit in 1990.

We also asked how many of these  officers are no longer with us.  Davie named John Wild, George Garrod and Richard Flood, but there is one more,  June Dickenson.




#8 Davie Kerr 2020-04-08 18:27
Have just had another look at this pic: for Stan Francis read Foster Burke.

Editors note - Many thanks Davie.
#7 Davie Kerr 2016-07-11 15:41
I believe Geoff Piggott's still on the island: has anyone yet asked him if it's him?
#6 Kevin Knights 2016-07-11 12:48
It's Robbie Aldred standing between Oliver Bain and Lionel Haynes not Geoff Piggot
#5 Alan Earl 2016-04-10 15:57
Hi all, I was in SB in the late 80's when he returned as President. Davie the MCPS man is not Andy Hancock. I arrived in 1983 and he was definitely after me.
#4 Davie Kerr 2016-01-28 13:17
So my "around 1980" wasn't so far out after all, you non-believers you!
Don't think the missing name is Geoff Piggott as I don't think he was ever in MCPS: maybe Andy Hancock?

Editors note - Davie wasnt far off re the year this photo was taken as I, for one, was presuming that it must have been taken during the time George Bush Seniors was President. Many thanks to James for providing the date - i.e. late 1982. Will check a little more to see if we can establish who is the mystery motor cycle officer. It does like Geoff Piggott, but was he ever in MCPS?
#3 James McKirdy 2016-01-27 12:31
Further narrowed it down to late November or possibly early December 1982 depending on it being taken when Bush was either on his way to or coming back from a tour of African nations.

Taken at the US Consul General's residence, Chelston; confirmed by Bill Butterworth.

Editors note - Many thanks James. Excellent detective work on your part.
#2 James McKirdy 2016-01-25 15:21
Picture is I believe from the early 80's when Bush visited when he was Vice President. So between 1981 - 1983.


Editors note - Many thanks James. Never thought about the lack of Secret Service personnel. Sounds like you must be right about him being VP at the time of this visit.
#1 Davie Kerr 2015-12-31 12:03
Right, time to exercise the ol' brain cells again!
Pic 1, standing from L:- Stan Francis, Pete Walgate, Andy Bermingham, Neil Halliday, Ian Scotland, Roger Brydon, Harold Moniz, John Wild, some passing American(yes, I know it's George Bush Sr!), Ray Bell, Penny Bean, Pete Shaw, George Garrod.
Crouched, from L:- Steve Rollison, Ralph Lindo, Paul Singh.
Pic 2, standing from L:- Dale Thornton, Lenny Alvis, Richard Flood, Ken James, Bill Butterworth, Oliver Bain, forgotten, Lionel Haynes, Kevin Reeves, Paul Bradshaw, June Dickenson.
Crouched, from L:- Charlie Dorrington, Brian Robinson.
Date:- I'd guess around 1980.
Gone:- John Wild, George Garrod and Richard Flood for sure: may be more.

Editors note - Many thanks for what appear to be all of their names on this photo, and good to have you back in action Davie. Will double check re the actual date of the visit of President Bush Snr.

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