We asked if you could remember the days when we actually used to wear blazers, shirts with collars, and ties,  on special occasions.   This was clearly a special occasion and we wanted to know who they are,  what is the occasion, and where and when was it?  The answers are contained in the caption below. Our thanks to Wayne Robinson in particular for being right on the money.   The photographer apparently forgot to ask them to smile!

Members of the Bermuda Police Force on an IPA visit to New York in November 1973
(Taken at Suffolk County Police HQ)
(l-r)  Steve Rollin, Pete Counsell, John "Coco" Eve, Howard "Stumpy" Kirkham,
"Big" Mike Parris, Jim "The Wop" Costello, Reg "Buster" Brown, Chief of Police Suffolk County,
Roger Bryden, Mike Jent, Wayne Robinson, Dave Barber, and Willy McCracken


#5 John Price 2015-10-09 04:47
That's not IPA as in Indian Pale Ale is it?
Most of those pictured might have enjoyed a glass or two after a hard day's work!

Editors note - John, IPA usually refers to International Police Association, as you probably know, but in this case you may have hit the nail on the head! Great group.
#4 WayneRobinson 2015-09-10 17:04
I can help november 1973 IPA visit to new york city photo taken in Suffolk County Police HQ on Long Island. Back row Steve Rollin, John Eve, Mike Parris, "Buster" Brown (dec), Roger Brydon, Mike Jent, Dave Barber, Pete Cousell, Howard Kirkham (dec) Jimmy Costello, Chief of Police Suffolk County, Ray Bell, Wayne Robinson (me), Willy Mccracken (dec) Hope I ve remembered it right.

Editors note - Looks all okay to me Wayne. Well done and many thanks for all your answers.
#3 Terry 2015-09-10 13:06
Doing good Don.
Prior to John Eve is Steve Rollins. Then Peter (My Lord) Counsell. Howard the "Stumpy" Kirkham.............

And far right is William 'Willy' Keeper Kraken.....
#2 Don Urquhart 2015-09-10 04:21
Can't get them all but here is a starter, from the left- ? ? coco Eve, big Mick Parris, Stumpy, ? Buster, ? Roger Brydon, Ray Bell, Mike Jent, Dave Cart, Dave Barber, ?

Best wishes from Sydney, Don U
#1 Terry 2015-09-07 18:17
Looks like a pissed off Darts Team.
And yes I can identify them all.

Let others chime in.

Great day to all.


Busters first day on the beat was fun for me.

He could not keep his eyes off the "skirt".

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