There were no prizes for figuring out that this was a Basic Training Course held at the Police Training School.  Our thanks to everyone who assisted in name everyone as listed in the caption below the photo.  It was of Basic Training Course #9 held from July - October 1967. 

As mentioned, unfortunately, most of these group photos have been lost but one copy of each Course is still displayed at Training School.  These copies are laminated so they are not easy to copy, plus some are in quite poor condition.

We are going to try to scan each of the photos and post them on our website for posterity, and we are hoping that someone will have a better copy that we can use.

This project will take some time but as we publish them  we will be asking you to name everyone and provide us with the number and dates of the Course.

Basic Training Course #9   July-October 1967
Back (l-r) John Van de Weg, Owen Marsh, Rex Saunders, Brian Hanney, Jimmy "The Wop" Costello, Peter Irwin
Middle row -  John Balsdon, Malcolm "Scoop" Hall, Ian Ganson, Ronnie Boggan, Cyril Plant, Hubert Swan
Front -  P.C.'s Ian Andrews and Barrie Meade (Instructor) Chief Insp Roy Chandler,
Sgts Cafferkey and Mike Kelly, and P.C. Edmunson "Eddie" Edwards


#6 Davie Kerr 2015-08-12 04:29
Barrie Meade was a pure guess on my part: he doesn't look the same at all without his tash!
So, just as a matter of interest, any ideas on how Ken Bent avoided that basic course? Was he deemed sufficiently trained because of his previous membership of the BPS, or did he just do a localisation course, or what? It's just idle curiosity, as I know he was part of that intake.

Editors note - I have no idea why Ken wasn't in the photo but it sounds plausible that he was excused because of his previous service.
#5 Davie Kerr 2015-08-01 07:35
It wouldn't be a young Barrie Meade, would it?

Editors note - It would indeed. That's everyone identified. Many thanks to all.
#4 Terry 2015-07-31 16:47
Chief Chandler.
Sgt. Cafferkey.
Mike Kelly.
End of story re- instructors.

Editors note - Afraid it's not the end of the story Terry. No-one has correctly identified the person sitting 2nd from left on the bottom row - and he was an instructor.
#3 Davie Kerr 2015-07-28 11:27
Ken Bent actually joined the job twice (06 Jan 65 until 28 Mar 66, and 07 Jul 67 until ?) and oddly enough with the same number (125) both times!
Also, on "Coop's Big List", there are 12 blokes shown as having joined on 07 July 67. All the others have been successfully ID'd, so who's left?

Editors note - I believe it is one of the instructors on the front row.
#2 Dave O Meara 2015-07-26 08:57
Top left, John Van De Weg, Owen Marsh!,
2nd row from left, 4th Ronnie Boggan, Cyril Plant.
Bottom row, last from left Edmundson " Eddie "
Date mid-late 1960's,
Dave O'

Editos note - Those you have listed are all correct Dave, including Eddie Edwards (one of the few occasions when our friend Davie Kerr wasn,t sure. But we still have one person not identified!
#1 Davie Kerr 2015-07-26 08:50
This was a Basic Course which contained some RIGHT stars! The intake was in July '67, so I have to assume that the course would have begun very shortly thereafter.
Back from L:- John Van de Weg, Owen Marsh, Rex Saunders, Brian Hanney, Jimmy Costello, Pete Irwin.
Middle from L:- John Balsdon, Malcolm "Scoop" Hall, Ian Ganson, Ronnie Boggan, Cyril Plant, Hubert Swan.
Front from L:- Ian Andrews, Ken Bent, C/I Roy Chandler, Sgt John Cafferkey, Sgt "Mike" Kelly, ? (looks like Eddie Edwards, but it was 'WAY before his time!).
Not dead sure about Ken Bent, but I think it has to be him by process of elimination!

Editors note - Good effort Davie, but that is not Ken Bent. Does anyone have an opinion about whether ot not it is Eddie Edwards sitting front row right?

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