This photo is taken directly from the new book on the History of the Bermuda Police and we published it courtesy of the editors.  This excellent book features over 100 photos and this is just one of them.  In some cases the names of those in the photos are given in the book, but in this case there were too many names, we provided you with an opportunity to have a sneak preview of this one, and also help us to make sure we record the names correctly for posterity.  As per usual with larger photos we also provided you with two blow-ups to assist those with failing eyes!  There were no prizes for guessing which Department they work in, but we asked if you could identify everyone in it, tell us where and when it was taken, and maybe tell us the make and model of the bikes?  

Sure enough we had no problems identifying everyone in it, and we can also tell you that the motor cycle on the left is a Suzuki GSX750P, and the other two are Honda CBX750P's

Combined MCPS and Cycle Squad -  circa 1993-1994
(l-r)  Garic Swainson, Leroy Haynes, Dennis Archer, Sam Lashley, Gary "Guppy" Young (on bike), Ferdy Thorne,
Dennis Maybury, James Howard, Minton Gilbert, Charlie Dorrington (on bike), Ted Peach, Andy Rollins,
Erskine "Choe" Smith, Ray Ball, Terry Thomas, Ken Lewis, John Moore, and Michael Harvey

Blow-up 1

Blow-up 2
PS The white shadow down the right side of the photo does not appear in the book. It occurred while I was scanning it. Will try to obtain a clean copy to replace this one.



#7 Davie Kerr 2016-04-14 05:10
Apologies to Neil Topping for not getting them all right at the first go, but I should point out that I'm now 70 (and that's just round the waist!), and I did retire back in 2000.....
Useless Trivia: Neil and I have the same birthday, although not in the same year!
#6 Ray Bell 2015-07-11 13:48
I agree with Davie #2 with the addition of Michael Harvey on the far right and Sam Lashley to the left of Guppy Young. It was taken around 1993/94 in the Police Ops yard and it was a combination of MCPS and Cycle Squad. I cannot recall the'why it was taken' question.
I believe that Charles Cummings is correct in the make of the bikes.
#5 Charles Cumming 2015-07-10 13:18
I think the Motorcycle on the left is a late 80's Suzuki GSX750P and the two bikes in the middle and to the right are early 90's Honda CBX750Ps.

I stand to be corrected though.

Editors note - Many thanks Charles, Can anyone confirm his observations?
#4 Neil Topping 2015-07-05 19:35
The tall fellow between Dennis and Guppy is Sam Lashley from Barbados. He was in the April 1982 intake. A really nice guy with an infectious laugh.
I believe that standing next to John Moore is possibly local lad Michael Harvey?
Come on Davie up your game!!

Editors note - Many thanks Neil. At least Davie got the ball rolling!
#3 Davie Kerr 2015-07-05 07:21
I think this must be a combined group of MCPS and Cycle Squad, and I'm guessing early '90s.
Incidentally, I believe MCPS is now running 1300cc machines, which seems a bit over the top for an island of 22 square miles with an official speed limit of 35kph: are no smaller machines made to Police requirements these days?
#2 Davie Kerr 2015-07-04 16:01
From L:- Garic Swainson, Leroy Haynes, Dennis Archer, ?, Gary "Guppy" Young on bike, Ferdy Thorne behind him, Dennis Maybury, Jim Howard, Minton Gilbert, Charlie Dorrington on bike, Ted Peach behind him, Andy Rollins, Erskine "Choe" Smith, Ray Bell, Terry Thoman, Ken Lewis, John Moore, ?.

Editors note - Good start Davie.
#1 Don Urquhart 2015-07-02 07:00
Not much of an effort, as I think it was taken post 1982 but I have Ray Bell, in white Shirt, and Ken Lewis beside Ray.

Editors note - That's two correct Don.

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