This had to be the largest number of people we have ever featured in "Who, Where and When"!  It wasquite a challenge for any one person to identify everyone in it, particularly when one person is completely hidden from view - apart from his hat.  We wanted to know who is in it,  where, when and why was it taken.  We  provided two enlargements to assist you, and we suggested that you name them as they appear in these enlargements. Some of you made a valiant effort in our Comments section below.

24th June 2015

The photo was kindly provided to us by a longstanding member of our civilian staff, Brenda Johnson, who I'm sure will be remembered by everyone who worked in Operations Division from the the late 1970's  through to today. Brenda also provided us with a handwritten caption listed the names of everyone in it.

The photo was taken in 1979 on the front steps of City Hall in Hamilton, and is of all the staff then working in Traffic Division (Operations).  It was no doubt taken at the time of the Police Centennial celebrations, with the Police Force having been established 100 years earlier in 1879.  Listed below the photo are the names of everyone present that day.

Traffic Division (Operations) personnel on the steps of City Hall in Hamilton - 1979
Back Row (l-r)  Andy Boomer, Hatton Philips, Volney Welsh, Richard Austin, Ian MacMillan,
Peter Hall, Martin Johnson, Paul Towlson, Mark Jones, Ian "Flash" Halfield, Glyn Brown, Trevor Knight.
6th row  -  Glyn Jones, Richard Basden, Ken Lewis, Robbie Aldred, Brian Robinson, Mervin Dickinson,
Charlie Dorrington, John Hoefkens, Chris Spencer, Cal Fox, Paul Singh, John Moore.
5th row  -  Russell Matthews, Phil Gardiner, Trevor Brown, Steve Symonds, Roger Marshall, Stuart
Pybus, Mike Rhodes, Gary Staines, Owen Marsh, Geoff Piggott, Gary Osbourne, Vallance Holder,
John Skinner and Stuart Mason.
4th row  -  Michael Jackman, Bill Henderson, Gary Young, Neil Topping, Andrew Rollins, Kevin "Boogie" Knights, Roosevelt Maronie, Andy Hancock, Sam Lashley, Davie Kerr, and Paul Wright.
3rd row -  Charlie Mooney, Terry Maxwell, Devonish Small, Neal Richardson, Tim Wolfe, James Howard.
2nd row -  Steve Taylor, Barrie Mancell, George Babb, John Van de Weg, Dave Ashurst, Norman 
Ingemann, Dale Thornton, Ray Bell, and Keith Pratt.
1st Row -  Esther Trott, Brenda Johnson, Andrea Browne, Marjorie Amos, Dee Tavares, June Pitt,
Esther , and Cathy Dorrington.
Front row -  Dennis Brookes, ACOP Lennet "Lenny" Edwards, DCOP Clive Donald, COP Frederick "Penny" Bean, ACOP Harold Moniz, Derek Jenkinson, and Hiram Edwards.
First Group
Second Group




#11 Davie Kerr 2015-06-29 05:10
If you mean the telephonist, Smith: see comment #3!
#10 Davie Kerr 2015-06-25 17:59
Back row, Ian "Flash" Halfield? Ian "Flash" Matthews, surely?
And I must respectfully take issue with your ID's of the row starting with Charlie Mooney: from L:- Charlie, Steve Taylor, Barrie Mancell, George Babb, John Van de Weg, Dave Ashurst, Norm Ingemann, Dale Thornton, Ray Bell and Keith Pratt. Terry Maxwell's in the next row back, and Devonish Small, Neal Richardson and Tim Wolfe don't even get a mention!

Editors note - Oops. I was typing this list out at 1am and skipped a few names by mistake. I was trying to decipher a handwritten list which is rather difficult to read and quite small. It's also difficult to follow who is in which row, but I'm sticking with the list as provided by Brenda. Please look for any other mistakes or wrongly spelled names. The only names missing from Brenda's list was the civilian staff, including herself, so pease check those carefully. I could not remember Esther's last name even though I worked with her for many years and still see her in Town. It is ......?
#9 Terry 2015-06-16 08:57
Quoting Terry:
Lets go Roger.
You have hundreds of photo's for 'Who When where'.

Make our old minds work man.


Editords note - I'll speed up on condition that you try to actually identify people in the next Who, Where and When photo!!

Editors note - You're right Terry. I have a host of photos lined up but having major problems on my computer Please be patient.

Ok Chief. I am but hurry up. Um nut 30 anymore........ ..... :D
#8 Terry 2015-06-15 15:47
Lets go Roger.
You have hundreds of photo's for 'Who When where'.

Make our old minds work man.


Editors note - You're right Terry. I have a host of photos lined up but having major problems on my computer after transferring from iPhoto to Photos for Mac with a newe operating system - Yosemite. Can't properly access my albums but trying to have a technician come and work out the problems. Please be patient.
#7 Steve Parkinson 2015-06-08 12:13
Back row far left is myself. Immediately in front of me is Glynn Jones. To my right ( in the photo ) is Hatton Phillips. Also in back row is Richard Austin. I think officer with hat only visible is Jimmy ? Now a senior officer . Surname escapes me . Recognise plenty of others but struggling to type on my phone !?!
#6 Kevin Knights 2015-06-08 11:25
OK first Group

4th Row after Devonish Small is Neil Richardson and Tim Wolffe

6th Row starts off with Russell Matthews and ends with Mick Rhodes

7th Row is Carl Neblitt before Ken Lewis and its Robbie Aldred after Ken

Back row is Andy Boomer followed by Hatten Phillips ( Not Chris Spencer)

Oh and Roger Marshall is between Chicken Symonds and Bill Anderson

Editors note - My head's spinning! Cac anyone who is in the photo review it and confirm if Kevin and Davie between them have all these names correctly. Will post what we believe to be all the correct names in a couple of days.
#5 Kevin Knights 2015-06-08 11:04
Ok to try and fill some of Davie's missing persons.

Group Two

4th Row between Robbie Goodchild and Clive Browne is Peter Lee and Jimmy Howard. Between Clive and Paul Wright is Sam Lashley

5th Row between Neil Topping and Me is Andy Rollins. Between you and Rosie Maronie Davie looks like it may be Dave King but it isn't me !

6th Row: Gary Staines before Owen Marsh, then Geoff Piggot and Gary Osborne. After John Skinner is Stuart Mason

7th Row:Between Charlie and Chris Spencer is Mike Chlebek,between Chris and Paul Singh is Cal Fox. After Paul Singh it is John Moore not Bob Railton.

8th Row: to the right of Paul Towlson is Mark Jones and Ian "Flash" Matthews

I'll have a look at the others later !

Editors note - Thanks Kevin. Very helpful.
#4 Davie Kerr 2015-06-07 12:57
After Owen Marsh: Geoff Piggott?
#3 Davie Kerr 2015-06-07 07:17
Group 2: front row from L:- "Penny" Bean, Harold Moniz, Derek Jenkinson, Hiram Edwards.
2nd row from L:- Dee Tavares, June Pitt, Esther Smith, Cathy Dorrington.
3rd row from L:- Dave Ashurst, ?Norman Ingemann, Dale Thornton, Ray Bell, Keith Pratt.
4th row from L:- Robbie Goodchild, ?, ?, Clive Browne, ?, ?Paul Wright.
5th row from L:- ?Neil Topping, ?, ?Kevin "Boogie" Knights, Roosevelt Maronie, ?"Boogie" Knights, Davie Kerr.
6th row from L:- ?, Owen Marsh, ?, ?, ?, John Skinner, ?.
7th row from L:- Charlie Dorrington, ?, Chris Spencer, ?, ?Paul Singh, ?Bob Railton.
8th row from L:- ?Peter Hall, Martin Johnson, Paul Towlson, ?, ?, Glyn Brown, Trevor Knight.
I know I've named Chris Spencer twice: I'm more sure of him being the Group 2 one!

Editors note - That's a great start Davie. Will wait for a few more choices and then provuide you with what I hope is an accurate list.
#2 Davie Kerr 2015-06-07 07:01
I thought I'd already put my two cents' worth in here, but I don't see any previous comment shown, so I'll start from scratch:-
Definitely Ops Division outside City Hall, mid-'80s at a guess.
Group 1, front from L:- Denis Brookes, Lenny Edwards, Clive Donald.
2nd row from L:- Esther Trott, Brenda Johnson, Andrea Browne, Sherry Wade, Marjory Amos.
3rd row from L:- Charlie Mooney, Steve Taylor, Barrie Mancell, George Babb, John Van de Weg.
4th row from L:- Terry Maxwell, ?Devonish Small, ?, ?.
5th row from L:- ?Mike Jackman, ?Trevor Browne, ?, Stevie "Chicken" Symons, Bill Anderson, Gary "Guppy" Young.
6th row from L:- Only one I'm sure of is Stuart Pybus!
7th row from L:- ?, ?, Ken Lewis, ?, Brian Robinson, Merv Dickinson.
Back row from L:- ?Andy Boomer, ?Chris Spencer, Volney Welch, Richard Austin, Ian McMillan.

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