Ship Ahoy!

There were no prizes for guessing which department is featured in this photo although you might have needed an eyesight test to discern the name of the boat!  We wanted to know the names of the "crew",  when was it taken, and of course, the name of the boat, and  we  provided you with a blow-up of the officers standing in the stern for those with vision challenges!

Fortunately,  we have a first-hand account from a member of the Marine Section crew who was on board the White Heron that day and who also kindly provided us with the photograph -  Paul Cranage.  Paul tells us that it was, of course, the White Heron which he had personally worked on for 4 months with Sonny Loader doing a total refit of her.  Paul doesn't think this particular photograph ever made the Police Magazine,  but he tells us that it was definitely taken by  Paul Farrell (see below), as the crew were doing a "sail by" to the south of Long Island.  Paul also took photos of the "fleet" at the same time and he will try to locate this other photograph.

As for the date, Paul says it was taken around 1981-1982.  We are not sure of the date and will try to narrow it down, but Terry Cabral recalls that Kevin Hamilton was still working in Marine Section when Terry was transferred there in 1981, and it was definitely taken prior to August 1983 when Paul Farrell tragically died.  

The names listed in the caption are as given by Paul Cranage.

Ship Ahoy!
White Heron and crew (regulars and reserves) do a "sail by"
to the south of Long Island -  circa 1981-1982
On the bow taking salute  -  Sgt Gerry Ardis
Back row (l-r) P.C's Paul Cranage, Kevin Hamilton, Philip Every, RPC Douglas Mackenzie
Front row -  Peter Borland, RPC Scott Carswell, Perry Fox, RPC Peter Holmes, and Andy Fielding


Paul Farrell
Paul was an excellent photographer who served in CRO as a photographer
and fingerprint officer from 1969 until his untimely death in 1983


#14 Phil Every 2017-01-30 20:35
Greetings all.
Photo taken in the week prior to 22 March, 1982.
Believe that the photo was taken from Long Island.

Editors note - Many thanks Phil.
#13 Terry 2015-03-24 18:37
Editors note - I checked Terry's file and he was transferred to Marine Section in 1981 and served there until 1984. See notes above the photo for the answers.

Never thought that my Personal File would be open to others.
Can't imagine what else your privy to Mr. Sherratt.

Editors note - Fret not Terry. I don't have access to any files except the one page file in the Police Register which only contains very basic factual information such as dates of birth, dates of joining, dates of transfers, promotions, courses, resignations, retirements etc. together with a small photo which is usually a copy of the person's warrant card photo; Most people find this information very useful when they want to write their own articles or seek this sort of basic information. Your secrets are safe!
#12 Terry 2015-03-24 16:20
Only 2 people could handle that piece of crap.
No offence to others.
Patch and Paul.
My mistake. Reggie Horseman another one.

I remember years ago we were 10 miles south of Hogfish Beacon and I said to Paul as we were doing sightings et al; the sheeps gonna hit the fan.

Look east. It was black and I felt the calm.

Lets go back I said. Being new to the section but having many years under my belt on the harbors and oceans I said lets move to shore now.

15 minutes later we were making progress in heavy seas with Peter at the helm.

It was a rough passage and had to make many turns not to be broadsided.

We made it into Ely's Habor after towing another vessel (small fishing boat) that could not navigate the waters.

Same time the "J&K" went down to the west/south of Pompano.


Sorry for the derailment.

#11 Terry 2015-03-24 13:44
Editors note - Terry, this may be a case of teapot calling kettle! Surely Gerry Ardis is not at the helm. He's standing on the bow, or as I would refer to it - the sharp end!

Never said it was not Gerry Ardis Roger.
Never said he was at the "helm".

Dark and Stormies all around.

Either Peter or Paul were at the helm and stepped on deck for the photo.

Editors note - And I never said that you said it was not Gerry Ardis!! My apologies re you not saying at the "helm." I got the distinct impression that you were referring to George's comment about who was "driving"!
#10 Phil Taylor 2015-03-24 11:58
The reserve's name was double barreled and possibly Douglas Conrad-McKenzie . He also used to frequent the PRC.
#9 Phil Taylor 2015-03-23 21:41
The reserve who George and Perry are talking about, used to work for Lloyds of London on Front Street and I believe that his name was Conrad-McKenzie . Also it was Andy Fielding, as Davie stated and not Andy Andrews.

Editors note - Correct on both counts Phil, except that we have been given the name Douglas Mackenzie for the Reserve officer
#8 Terry 2015-03-23 20:54
I worked with Kevin in Marine Section in 1980.
Close but no cigar George.
I left in 1984.

Editors note - I checked Terry's file and he was transferred to Marine Section in 1981 and served there until 1984. See notes above the photo for the answers.
#7 Terry 2015-03-23 16:49
Rudder amidships George as to "whose driving it".

Your not a seaman ...not driving but "at the helm".

Editors note - Terry, this may be a case of teapot calling kettle! Surely Gerry Ardis is not at the helm. He's standing on the bow, or as I would refer to it - the sharp end!
#6 George Rose 2015-03-23 16:42
Perry Fox gives the following line-up:
Bow: Sgt. Gerald Ardis
Front row left to right: Peter Borland;
(Reserve) Scott Carswell; Alfred Vernon Perry Fox; (Reserve) Peter Haynes; Andy Andrews.
Back row: Paul Cranage; Kevin Hamilton; Phil Every; (Reserve) James or Phil Unknown ? and who was an accountant by profession.
Perry gives the year as probably 1980 but Kevin Hamilton was with me in Narcotics in 1980 having been there in mid-1978 when I took over. It could be earlier in 1977 or early 1978.
Photo is believed to have been taken from the dock at R.H.A.D.C. by a member of CRO and was most probably for the front cover of the Police Magazine.

Editors note - Almost brilliant answers re both the crew and the reason for the photo. Thanks
George. See the correct answers above the photo, except perhaps for the date.
#5 Davie Kerr 2015-03-23 08:35
Well, we've successfully established that the vessel is the "White Heron"!
At a guess Gerry Ardis on the bow, and the rest look like (but may not be!): back from L:- Paul Cranage, Alex Arnfield, Phil Every, Reserve.
Front from L:- Pete Borland, Steve Rollin, Perry Fox, Peter Holmes (Reserve), Andy Fielding.
I'll be interested to find out who exactly IS there!

Editors note - Great effort Davie. Will let you know in a couple of days.

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