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Joint Importation Squad

This was maybe an easy test for anyone who worked in or with this group, but we wanted to know who was in it  , where were they working at the time, and when was it taken?  

As you will see from the comments below, this photo is of the Joing Importattion, and we had no trouble having everyone in it identified.  There was some discrepancy about when exactly the JIS was created, and we're indebted to George Rose for supplying the following information:-

"For the avoidance of doubt, and to be historically correct:-
The joint Police/Customs anti-importation squad (JIS), was conceived in late 1978 and became operational in early 1979 under my command. It operated out of the Narcotics office at Prospect.
The 'Report of The Bermuda Police For The Year 1979' states, in part: "The section has had continuing success in the detection of persons trafficking in drugs. Operations, both locally and overseas, have neutralized certain major sources of supply in Holland, Jamaica and the United States of America."
Other factors in the section's success were the formation of a joint Police/Customs anti-importation squad and cooperation from the Jamaican Constabulary Force and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration says the report.
The success enjoyed by the JIS led to what amounted to a Governor's Commendation in June 1980 when Acting Commissioner Bean wrote to the Narcotics section in the following manner:
'Expression Of Gratitude From H.E. The Governor'
'His Excellency the Governor has asked that his admiration, appreciation and congratulations be extended to you and your staff, for the splendid work which the Section is doing in relation to contraband drugs. It was his view, and the expressed opinion of several members of the community with whom he has been in contact, that the constant and systematic attack of the recently formed
Police / Customs Importation Squad was bearing fruition.
His Excellency asked that all officers be informed of his comments and wished them well in their future endeavours. Needless to say, I associate myself with his comments which are a credit to you and the Service generally. Well done.'
Early Customs officers of the JIS included Principal CO Boyson Christopher, CO Alan Bean and CO Gordon Phillips.
George Rose
OIC Narcotics 1978 - 1982
with additional re-appointments thereafter.
Editors note  -  Our website is intended to record the factual history of the Bermudas Police through the eyes of our own members, and it's great to receive this kind of information.  Many thanks to George for his post, and to the guys who helped us identify those in the photo.

Joint Importation Squad (JIS)
Probably taken in early 1986 just before retirement of D/Insp John Willams
Top Row -  Alan Wilcock, Dave O'Meara, James Smith (HM Customs),  Kenneth "Doc" Bourne
Richard Flood, Lynn Smith (HM Customs), Hugh 'Peter Meade, Norman Wilson, Michael Wyllie.
Middle Row -  Ewart 'Pat' Hamlett, Brian Russell, Alickson 'Alex' Severin, Cherie Bean,
Mike Jent, Ronald Green, Ian Coyles, Steve Rollin
Front Row -  Norrell Hull,  Elsa McKay (HM Customs), D/Insp John Williams, Caroline Hayes, Winston Esdalle


#7 Maurice Pett 2015-06-09 14:20
Just spotted this photo. I disagree that it is JIS. This is the full Narcotics squad. JIS was a Sergeant, 3 DC's and 3 HMC.. Cherie & Mike were office staff, Winston was Custodian and Carolyn was typist. Geordie, Doc & Floodie were dog handlers. Moby

Editors note - Many thanks Moby. Sounds like you speak with authority on the subject.
#6 David O Meara 2015-01-21 11:59
Hola, sorry for the delay in replying, golf can sometimes be a long day's walk. It was never my intention to suggest JIS was formed in 1985, I am aware it was up and running when I joined Narcotics in 1980 and I had worked with Boyson, Alan & Gordon. I was suggesting that the members shown in the photo formed the squad in 1985. Dave O.

Editors note - no problem Dave. Publishing this photo has stimulated some good responses and you did a superb job identifying who is in it. We now know much more about the history of the JIS and who was serving in it circa 1986. We really appreciate your input.
#5 Alan Wilcock 2015-01-20 21:51
Jeeeezus, where did all the time go....and I still haven't retired........ Good days...good times....great bunch of people....never will forget them!

Editors note - Great to hear from you Alan. Any chance you could write a few lines to let us know where you are and what you're doing these days. You could it to us at
#4 David O Meara 2015-01-20 07:49
Hola, another look and I think it is Ronnie Green between Mike Jent & Ian Coyles while the female lower row is Elsa McKay. Team name was JIS, Joint Importation Squad so expect this photo was taken just after squad was formed in 1985!. Dave O

Editors note - I think we have this one wrapped up!
#3 Stephen Rollin 2015-01-20 06:06
Back row L to R, Alan Wilcock, Dave O'meara, ? JIS, 'Doc' Bourne,Richard Flood, Lyn Hall JIS,Peter Mead,Norman Wilson,?
Middle Row L to R Pat Hamlet,Zip Worell, ? ,Sherry Bean,Mike Jent,Ronnie Greene, Ian 'Geordie' Coyles,Stephen Rollin.
Front Row Norrell Hull, ? JIS, Johnny Williams, Caroline Haynes, Winston 'Papa Doc' Esdaile.
#2 David O Meara 2015-01-20 03:36
Hola, Top from left side, Alan Wilcock, One good looking feller, James Smith HM Customs, Kenneth ' Doc ' Bourne, Richard Flood, Lynn Smith HM Customs, Hugh 'Peter' Mead, Norman Wilson, Michael Wyllie.
Next row, Ewart 'Pat' Hamlett. Zerphy 'Zip' Worell. Brian Russell, Alickson Severin, Cherie Bean, Mike Jent, Can't remember, Ian Coyles, Steve Rollins, next row, Norrell Hull, Can't remember but Customs, DI. John Williams, Caroline Haynes, Winston Esdaille.

Joint Police & Customs team dealing with importation working out of Narcotice office and I think the date was early 1986 just before DI Williams retired.
Dave O
Many thanks

Dave Editors note - Thanks Dave for an answer all the way from Spain. If you are correct on all those you named then we just have two guys unidentified.
#1 Terry 2015-01-19 20:41
Even Patrick wore Bell Bottoms back then.
Some crew........... .........

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