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I thought it appropriate at this time to show one particular photograph in our "Who, Where and When" column.  There was no prize for guessing what this group did whenever they got together,  but we wanted you to tell us where and when it was taken, and provide us with all of the names of those present?  It is, of course the excellent Bermuda Police Choir and as stated by Terry Cabral, it was taken in front of the main door of Government House. We are still not sure of the exact date (can anyone assist?).  We would also like to know, if possible, why the Choir was gathered at GH that day.  

4th January 2015
Editors note -  I received an email from Norrell Hill this evening who provided the following names:-

(l-r)  "Ed Bailey, Fred Beach, Cal Christopher, Howard Dill, ? Lewis, Reese Bartley, Hubert Simmons, Dennis Ramsay, Norrell Hull, Mike Phillips, Dai James, Cecil Smith, Leon Bean, Willy Bourne, Westmore Bean, "Brinky" Tucker, "Bongo" Williams, Lenny Edwards, Andy Maule, John Harvey, Lynn Hall. Hope I was of some assistance.  Thank you. Good evening gentlemen."

The only person Norrell had a problem with was the first name of P.C. Lewis who was correctly identified by Dave O'Meara as Lyndon Lewis, despite the fact that Dave wrote his answers while still under the effect of a New Year's Eve hangover!

In view of the fact that we had all of the choir members correctly identified so quickly,  I decided to publish one more photo of the Police Choir (see below) , to see how many in this much larger group can be identified, and to establish if possible, the date it was taken.   If you don't know where it was taken then you have never been to Bermuda!  

The first copy I had of this photo was of quite poor quality and did not reproduce very well, but I found a slightly better copy, and after enhancing it I believe it should be possible to identify most, if not all of those present, although I see several people who I never saw actually singing with the choir.  Again, it would be interesting to know why this photo was taken and if they were all active choir members?

I have added two blow-ups of the photo and have numbered each person in the blow-up photos for your reference when naming those present.  Since publishing this photo we are 99% sure of the identity of everyone in the birdcage anbd will add their names to the caption as soon as possible.

The Bermuda Police Choir
(l-r)  Ed Bailey, Fred Beach, Cal Christopher, Howard Dill, Lyndon Lewis, Reese Bartley, Hubert Simmons,
Dennis Ramsay, Norrell Hull, Mike Phillips, Dai James, Cecil Smith, Leon Bean, Willy Bourne,
Westmore Bean, "Brinky" Tucker, "Bongo" Williams, Lenny Edwards, Andy Maule, John Harvey, Lynn Hall.

How many bobbies fit in a birdcage?

Standing on street at rear 1  _____________   Top row  2 ___________________  3__________________
Second row   4 _________________   5 __________________
Third row  6 ____________________  7 ____________________ 8  ____________________
Bottom row  9 ____________  10 ______________ 11 _______________12 _______________ 13 _____________


Top row  14 __________________
Second row  15 ____________________  16 _____________________
Third row  17 _________________  18 __________________ 19 ___________________ 20 _________________
Bottom row  21 _________   22 __________  23 ___________  24 ___________  25 ___________ 26 _____________

Editors note  -   The reason for wanting to publish photos of the Police Choir at this time is that retired Inspector Hubert Simmons, one of the founding and most stalwart members of the choir, passed away a few days ago in his 90th year, and was buried on the day we published this article.  Hubert will be fondly remembered by all who knew him.

Hubert in full voice at a CID Get Together
(l-r)  Syke Smith, Fred "Penny" Bean, Sinclair Bean, and Hubert Simmons 







#5 Davie Kerr 2015-01-06 15:02
I'm sure the choir in the Birdcage pic has been posted before, but I'll have another go at the names:-
1) Leon Fubler
2) Mike Neilan
3) Stevie Darrell
4) Brian Foster
5) Calvin Hendrickson
6) Dave Hobbs (I think)
7) Lynn Hall
8) Cal Christopher
9) Harry Lister
10) Willie Bourne
11) Wayne Perinchief
12) Norrell Hull
13) Roger Stovell
14) Mike Shaw
15) Chris Terry/Jones
16) Lawrence "Mincey" Rawlins
17) Mike Phillips
18) unknown
19) Merv Dickinson
20) Dai James
21) Ralph Trott
22) Keith Foggo
23) Lawrence "Fluffy" Stowe
24) John Harvey
25) Howard Dill
26) Hilton "Jellybean" Wingood
While I believe that most of the bods there are bona fide choristers, I must cast doubts on the inclusion of Messrs Neilan, Shaw and Hobbs! Maybe one of them can explain what they were doing in the photo.....
#4 Terry 2015-01-05 17:36
That's some crew in and around the Bird Cage.
Got em all except for one who's name escapes me at this time.
Dood (yes I can say that in the background looks like Leon Fubler

#3 Terry 2015-01-04 18:36
And it was outside Government House which I was going to state.
Actually it is outside the Main Entrance facing north.

Checked out Justice Denied to be sure.
#2 Dave O Meara 2015-01-04 13:04
1st blow up, Ed Bailey,U/K, u/k, Dill, Lyndon Lewis, 8th along Dennis Ramsey, Norell Hull, 2nd blow up, 2nd is Dai James, 7 along in the back is Brinky Tcker, 9th is ex COP Edwards, 11th is John !!. See a few more but at the moment can't remember the names after a few xmas spirits.
Dave O

Editors note - We have also received an email from Norrell Hull who says the photo was taken at the eatsern entrance to Government House.
#1 Terry 2015-01-04 11:14
Have you not posted this before Mr. Editor?

Or am I finally loosing it.


Editors note - You're not losing it Terry, but you are half right! We previously posted another photo of the Police Choir under the name "Harmonious Group" in our Who, Where and When colum, and after having everyone named we added a couple more photos of the choir, including this one but by that time we had posted a new photo on another topic and did not receive any answers about who was in the other choir photos. You can see the Harmonious Group photo at

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